In Other News ….

DC Cat Cafe Set To Open Next Week  [Eater DC]  Get out your tuna-scented socks and your personal-sized lint rollers!  The future is now.

How DC’s Failed Olympic Bid Could Still Transform The City  [Washington Post]  If even a fraction of this development roadmap comes to pass, Anacostia will seriously be the new Georgetown.  (Thousands of house flippers just hissed, “stop telling people about it!!!”)

A Step-By-Step Guide To Being An Amateur Landlord In DC  [Urban Turf DC]  Don’t be like my old landlord, who, after I called and told him that my rotten bathroom wall had collapsed inwards, came over and hung a plastic curtain over the gaping hole.  Also, several years into living there, it turned out he didn’t even have a rental permit for the unit.

Latest Congressional Budget Outlaws DC Pot Sales For Two Years  [420 Intel]  Most outlets are framing this as a Republican thing, but the only people who benefit from a ban on legal marijuana sales are drug dealers! Wouldn’t that be hilarious if drug dealers had lobbyists on the Hill who they paid with Pop Tarts boxes full of rubberbanded ones?

DC Pop-Up Ban Not In Effect Just Yet  [Washington Business Journal]  The ban isn’t legally enforceable until the bill is fully ratified, so yeah, definitely get your work crews up on the roof ASAP to quickly throw up a rickety vertical addition.

Can You Afford To Rent In DC?  [Curbed DC]  No.  You can’t.  And yet you do.  No wonder you’re always broke!

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