In Other News …

2.20.15-Dogs-Who-Are-Proud-They-Trashed-Your-House1Great Wall Of Storage:  Clever Architectural Solutions For Storage [Architizer]  Ooh, I want all of these.  This reminds me of the time I glued several dozen clothes hooks to the wall of my bedroom, so I could just sort of haphazardly hang up all my clothes by throwing them against the wall.  Then when I moved out and tried to take them down, each hook I tore off the wall took a divot of drywall with it.  I didn’t get my deposit back.

See How Much DC Spent On Rent This Spring  [Zumper]  Is this accurate?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 1BR in Shaw that was $2400/mo, so how can that be the median?  Are there a ton of super-expensive unadvertised luxury apartments driving up the average?  (As soon as I wrote that, I realized it was probably true.)

One Quarter Of DC-Area Foreclosures Are Empty “Zombies”  [Washington Business Journal]  I guess the problem is that when these vacant properties finally hit the market, they look like crap because of neglect.  I used to live next to a vacant foreclosure and it was the site of almost nightly hobo parties.

People Leave DC Because of Housing  [District Measured]  I found it amusing that the least-cited reason was the climate.  When you think about it, DC weather is the WORST.  Winters are brutal, summer is like living in an unventilated sauna, and spring and fall each last, like, three weeks max.

Dead Body Went Unnoticed In Metro Station For Four Days (!)  [Washington City Paper]  I mean, I keep my eyes straight ahead when I ride the metro, but this is ridiculous.

The Anacostia River Might Be Swimmable By 2022  [Citylab]  I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I remember working on a news story a few years ago and coming across a report saying that catfish in the Anacostia, which eat by filtering the silt at the bottom of the river through their mouths, had severe DNA damage because of heavy metals and pollutants.  I’m not sure that skimming the trash out and filtering the water is going to solve that kind of problem.

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