In Other News …


DC’s Best Instagram Accounts  [Curbed DC]  Not as good as Rappers On Instagram, but still pretty good.

Why The DC Real Estate Industry Has Jaded Me  [Washington Post]  Apparently, huge sums of money bring out the worst in people.  Who would’ve thought?

Where Should Poor People Live?  [The Atlantic]  Apparently, everyone’s in favor of affordable housing, just not in their neighborhood.  I say they should start announcing these developments as, like, J. Crew outlet stores, and then surprising everyone when it turns out to be an affordable housing complex.  Who would have the nerve to complain?

Driverless Cars Are Coming To DC!  [Washingtonian]  Authorities are trying to determine if computerized cars will lead to less traffic than human-steered cars.  I’m pretty sure this is how the “The Matrix” prequel is going to open.

Behold: The Adult Treehouse  [Urban Turf DC]  Love this house, but after the first wind gust of a storm, I’d be in my car and speeding towards the nearest Motel 6.

Disney’s Abandoned Island  [Mental Floss]   Disney closed this island zoo because it wasn’t popular enough, but now, 20 years later, if you asked kids if they’d rather go to Disney World or an old creepy abandoned Disney island, I guarantee 90% would want to go to the island.


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