In Other News …

IndyJacket-hdFamily Sues Real Estate Agent After Buying Snake-Infested House  [Consumerist]  I’ve read the words “snake-infested house” in this headline at least half a dozen times now, and each time it made my stomach hurt.

DC United May Bolt For Virginia At The Last Minute  [Washington Post]  This actually looks like a legitimate effort to weasel out of Buzzard Point, and not just an attempt to pressure Bowser and the city council to cut them a check.  This could actually work out well for DC, though, especially if MLS never takes off;  it’s like when your fiancee leaves you at the altar and then you run into them three years later and they’ve gained seventy pounds, gotten a tribal armband tattoo, and have Guy Fieri-style frosted tips.

Is This 225 Sq. Ft. Dupont Studio DC’s Smallest Apartment?  [Curbed DC]  My biggest pet peeve in life is probably when people live in small apartments but have a big bed.  You’re unconscious for the vast majority of the time you’re using it!  Also, don’t use the sex excuse, there is literally no sexual maneuver that requires more space than a twin bed.

What If Pepco Was Replaced By A City-Owned Utility?  [WAMU]  Normally there’d be some legitimate debate about how well a bureaucracy might handle something like this, but Pepco is so horrible, I bet that if the District government started a Kickstarter to buy Pepco, DC citizens would give millions.  (Also, I think those Muriel Bowser “Condos” stickers have given Mary Cheh some ideas about capturing the mayor’s office via the “people’s champion” playbook.)

A Portland Family Sells House For Free Pizza For Life  [Vice]  Lesson:  don’t go to the closing while high.

Tour An Abandoned Wax Museum  [Neatorama]  When people offer me drugs and I decline because I’m afraid I’ll have a “bad trip,” the inside of this abandoned wax museum is precisely what I imagine hallucinations from a “bad trip” would look like.

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