In Other News …

The Latest On The Buzzard Point Soccer Stadium  [Hill Rag]  Whew, the city’s paying $50 million to remove hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic soil from the stadium site.  What I want to know is, where does all that dirt go, and can we have it dumped on my ex’s car?

Wider Lanes Make Streets More Dangerous  [Greater Greater Washington]  I suppose this is true, in the sense that it’s safer to be sideswiped than to be hit head-on.

The 5 Coolest Pre-Fab Houses  [Curbed DC]  Alternate title:  “Expensive Pre-Fab Houses, or Top-Of-The-Line iPod Speakers?”

How A P.G. County Detective Cracked A Massive Real Estate Scam  [Washington Post]  This story was more engrossing than any episode of “Law & Order.”  Also, “renting out empty houses that you don’t actually own” is, like, the number one scam in the United States right now.  When a bunch of scam artists get together, I wonder if, when one of them is like, “yeah, so I’m renting this empty house I don’t even own to a bunch of rubes,” all the others sort of roll their eyes like when a bunch of hipsters are sitting around and a dude with that “shaved on the sides, combed straight back on top” haircut walks in.

Charting The Emotions Of Every Room In Your House  [Citylab]  I couldn’t help but notice there’s a lot of “romance” associated with the master bath.  What the hell are you people doing in your master baths?

Beautiful And Brutal:  Concrete Furniture The Latest Trend  [Architizer]  Just the latest home trend – joining marble counters and glass showers – in the category of “if you fall and hit your head on it, your skull will explode like a water balloon tossed out of a treehouse.”

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