DC Pride, Etsy Style

Location, location, location – isn’t that what everyone always says? Well, turns out they say it because it’s true, where you live matters. Neighborhood, city, state, street – no matter how you look at it, location is a crucial part of learning to love day-to-day life. Luckily, if you’re living in Washington DC, you’re already a step ahead of most people. And while some tenants of the district may have it better than others, DC is a great location for residents of all ages. Between walkability, history, scenery, food, museums, people and endless opportunity, DC is a location that delivers.

Whether you’ve made this your forever home or are just passing through, you are sure to fall in love with this city and brag about your ties here for years to come. As far as local pride goes, Etsy continues to make its mark with retailers located near and far from the Nation’s Capital. Between goods for your home and goods for yourself, Etsy has a wide variety of ways to show the world just how much you love Washington DC. Thankfully, I’ve gathered some of the best ways right here:

joebstudio2 joebstudio3

Washington DC Typography Map Print by Joebstudio

Joebstudio is an Etsy shop owned by Joe Brewton, a New Orleans artist. According to Joe’s self-written biography, he went to the LSU School of Architecture only to go on to ditch his ruler for a paintbrush and pencil. His shop features typography-based maps that showcase neighborhoods of familiar cities, including DC. The DC illustration is hand-drawn in black India ink, with color added later.

Nesta1 Nesta2 Nesta3

Washington DC Urban Art by NestaHome

Tandie, the owner of NestaHome first started her stint on Etsy as a side job in October 2007. Then in 2008, she was laid off from her job as a landscape architect. Since then, she has gone on to turn her Etsy shop into a full-time job. In addition to throw pillows, her shop features a series called “the Dark City Series” that uses photographs to depict cities and urban landscapes in a “gritty light”. Currently, she does pieces featuring photos from NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Milwaukee and Chicago in addition to DC.

Ink1 Ink2

Washington DC Skyline Coasters by Ink the Print

These are 4×4 inch stone coaters that offer an artsy way for you to keep your furniture stain-free , DC style. The coasters are based off of the original photography of the shop owners.

Chroma1 Chroma2 Chroma3 Chroma4 Chroma5

Vintage Washington DC photos by Chromatone

As described in the shop owner’s profile, this shop “brings pleasure from past times, lovely bits of nostalgia and beauty for homes”. The shop features historical photos that showcase DC architecture and city life from the past. Countless hours have been put into restoring photos to get them as close to mint condition as possible. Photographs date as far back as 1901.

ilu1 ilu2

Washington DC Monuments Clock by ILUXO

This is a modern clock that showcases the most well known monuments in DC including the White House, Washington Monument and more. The clock is sold by Etsy shop ILLUXO, which was inspired by a trip to Tokyo. When traveling, the shop owner noticed an international time display with uninteresting aesthetics. Immediately when she returned from her trip, she designed a Tokyo city clock in memory of her trip. Now, her shop features clocks that commemorate cities from around the globe, including DC.

Sneek1 sneek2 sneek3 sneek4

DC t-shirts from Sneekis

If you don’t want your love for DC plastered on your wall, what about throughout your wardrobe? The Sneekis Etsy shop features a wide variety of DC-themed shirts that could help you show your pride. The owner, John Johnson, offers little information about his Etsy entrepreunership, describing himself as “just a guy making t-shirt for fun”.

AR1 AR2 AR3 Ar4 AR5

Washington DC Photography by Andrew Rhodes Photo

Andrew Rhodes Photo on Etsy features original photography from all over the world, with a special section for DC photography. The prints from this shop come printed on high-quality paper using archival inks and a lustre finish. In addition, they are individually signed and numbered. Since Rhodes is based in DC, he offers a good variety of classic DC shots that showcase the city’s natural beauty.

No matter what your style, there is bound to be something out there that captures your love for DC just the way you like it. If there’s nothing on this list that suits your fancy, be sure to browse Etsy on your own for the dozens upon dozens of DC items that other DC lovers have made. Or if you don’t share my obsession for everything Etsy, but do share by obsession with the city of politics, shop local! There are a variety of shops within city limits that offer one-of-a-kind goods that capture DC’s one-of-a-kind vibe. Because, as everybody knows, this is what matters: location, location, location. And quite frankly, you can’t beat ours.

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