In Other News …


*sad face emoticon*

Fully Solar-Powered Home In McLean Hits Market  [Washington Post]  If you live next to this $5 million dollar solar home, I hope you’re extracting an annual cash payment from the owner to not plant shade trees in your yard.

Labor Union Takes On The DC Streetcar  [DCist]  The streetcar got off to a rough start and just got worse from there, much like the first date I saw the other day (true story alert!) that started with the woman walking up and the man looking her up and down and exclaiming, “Did you come straight from work or what?  Ugh, why are you wearing that coat?  You couldn’t even go home first to put on some date shoes?”  (“Date shoes”?)

You Need To Make $28/Hour To Afford A Two-Bedroom In DC  [Citylab]  Interesting that the color-coded map for how expensive a two-bedroom apartment is in each state is identical to the color-coded red/blue states map.

The Best Farmer’s Markets In DC  [Curbed DC]  I love going to farmer’s markets every weekend, buying a bunch of kale and fruit, and then watching that kale and fruit slowly rot in my refrigerator as I continue eating takeout every night.  I’m not healthier, but the fact that I have the option makes me feel less guilty.

France Makes Solar Panels Or Gardens Mandatory For All Rooftops  [CS Globe]  Dang, this is a great idea.  What could be better than a green roof deck/yard?

The Creepy Beauty Of China’s Abandoned Cities  [Mental Floss]  Hmmm, massive overbuilt cities that were never even occupied before being abandoned?  It’s almost like an authoritarian economy controlled by a small group of individuals is a bad idea …


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