In Other News ….


Incredibly Creepy Video Tour Of Abandoned Asylum  [Curbed]  The most disturbing part is the door that says, “Do not open:  dead inside.”  (A few of my exes should get that as a tattoo.)

Renters In Expensive Cities Happier Than Renters In Cheaper Cities  [AP]  Makes sense, really:  sure, it’s cheaper to live in Wichita, but there aren’t any bike lanes, coffee shops, or good restaurants in Wichita, either.  That’s why it’s cheaper there.  (Note:  I will continue to complain about my rent, regardless.)

Inner City Redensification:  A Village On The Roof  [Architizer]  Vienna is a bit older than DC, yes (by about two millennia!), and so space is much tighter there, but still – maybe something like this is in our future?  I’m all for it, if it looks this cool.

A DC Housing Reporter’s Development Wishlist  [Washington City Paper]  More metro lines, renaming neighborhoods, moving libraries – all sensible suggestions, but as long as we’re making unrealistic suggestions, can I submit “classify all diagonal avenues as “bike only”?  Seriously though, think about it!

DC’s Luxury Real Estate Takes A Price Hit  [DC Inno]  The top 5% of the real estate market is, apparently, selling for less than it was a year ago.  This never would’ve happened if Mitt Romney was president!


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