In Other News …


Muriel Bowser “Condos” Meme Emerges  [Curbed DC]  Oof, this is actually sneakily brutal.  I think they really dropped the ball not doing a Vince Gray “Wal-Mart” one, though.

15 Secrets Of Real Estate Agents  [Mental Floss]  I don’t know what’s crazier, that agents spray “chocolate chip cookie smell spray” around open houses before the crowds get there, or that “chocolate chip cookie smell spray” actually exists.

A Forgotten Underground DC Tunnel Is Finally Getting Some Fresh Air  [Smithsonian]  You know how by mid-March, after several months of winter, you haven’t opened your windows in several months, and your house smells like a little bit of every single thing you’ve cooked over the past half-year?  Multiply that by a hundred, and that’s probably what it smelled like in this tunnel.

This Incredible Tiny House Only Costs $1200 To Build  [True Activist]   For one month’s rent, you could have an entire permanent house!  Of course, then you’ll have to pay $1200 a month for a plot on which to park your tiny house.  What, you thought “beating the system” was going to be that easy?

DC Will Use Green Roofs To Clean City Waterways  [Washington Post]  It’s good that we’re implementing a cutting-edge modern system, since the one we have now – one big pipe that carries sewage, rainwater, and everything else – literally dates from the 1800s.  It’s like going from the telegraph straight to the iPhone.

The Roots Of America’s Affordable Housing Crisis  [Citylab]  Apparently the main problem is that rent is high and people’s salaries are low.


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