Person of Interest: Vanessa Ferragut

vanessa2_resized Vanessa Ferragut is a sustainable meeting and events professional and Founder and Chief [Local] Food Enthusiast at Greenease, a resource that connects consumers with restaurants, cafes and grocers that buy from local and/or sustainable farms. The mobile app is currently live on iOS in D.C. and New York. Find out what Vanessa loves about living in the District:

What’s a typical day for you?

I start my days early – between 6am-7am. Morning are for a coffee and smoothie! As a Reiki practitioner I usually allow myself 2-3 days a week to meditate and clear the junk from me head. These are usually in the morning. The rest of my mornings include replying to emails and getting through my to do list from the day before. My afternoons I may hit a yoga class. I’m back online until about 7/8pm taking calls, doing research, learning code and updating our database. bradwalker

What or who is your biggest influence?

One of my mentors and favorite people is Lori Hill, founder of Sister Eden. She’s been a sustainable event planner long before I started getting into sustainability. Another great influence was Chef Brad Walker of Boundary Road. He was one of the first chefs who opened my eyes up to the choice restaurants have when they buy local. I admire how passionate he his about clean, fair and local food and wondered why not all chefs thought like him!

What neighborhood do you live in?kalamaraheights

Kalorama Heights

What is your biggest DC pet peeve?

People in DC who get mad at other people who ask them what they do for a living. In every other city you can ask someone what they do for a living without them responding “That’s such as DC thing to ask.” Why? Why is that such a DC thing to ask? I happen to be curious about what someone spends 40-50 hours a week working on – more time than they may spend sleeping in a week – and unless someone hates their job, just share what it is you do for a living. Not a big deal. In NY or California I can ask someone what they do and they reply….calmly. youmadeitweird

What is the #1 most played song on your iPod?  

I love podcasts. Serial, Startup, Invisibilia, Sporkful, Savage Love, You Made it Weird. Love podcasts. Love them!

Favorite DC haunt?

Winter Happy Hour: Birch and Barley has the best Framboise; Summer Happy Hour: Poste; Dinner: Coppi’s Organic in Cleveland Park (best nutella in town)!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Yoga from 9-10:30am, then off visiting my grandfather for the late morning/early chipotleafternoon. Then picking up some Chipotle and heading home for a marathon of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or House of Cards. And at least for 1-2 hours before bed I like to get in a few hours of JavaScript training! True story. This is usually my Sunday and I love every minute of it!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? sanfrancisco

San Francisco or New York City

If you couldn’t be a…, what would you be?

A yoga instructor/Yoga Studio Owner for people who can’t afford the ridiculously high prices for yoga!

Top three favorite movies?

Under the Tuscan Sun, Harry Potters (all of them), Breakfast Club

Name five people, alive or dead, you’d love to invite to a dinner party:michelleo

Frida Kahlo, Michelle Obama, Dan Barber, Joel Salatin and Betty White

Most embarrassing moment? I plead the 5th!

What was your major in college, and do you use it today? International Business and a Double Major in Spanish. And no.

Who do you think is the most attractive person to ever live?

Angelina Jolie. She’s gorgeous, strong, and passionate about helping those less fortunate than her.

Name one thing most people don’t know about you.

I collect masks and children’s books. Just because.

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