In Other News …




Downtown DC Ripe For Residential Redevelopment  [Washington Post]  According to this article, less than a hundred people live in the downtown DC office wasteland of the “Golden Triangle.”  That alone is a reason to move there, as far as I’m concerned.

Realtors May Start Using Drones To Sell Homes  [Housing Wire]  I have a friend in China who uses drones to make television shows, and he’s showed me a lot of footage of the drones experiencing spontaneous power outages or malfunctions and plummeting to earth.  Keep it in mind when your future realtor wants to use his drone to get a “god’s eye view” of your fantastic skylight.

DMV To Clarify Bicycling Laws For Drivers  [WAMU]  Ha, when even a city councilwoman doesn’t know if she can drive or park in a bike lane, you know the law needs clarifying.

Rare Footage Of DC Streetcars From The 1950s  [Ghosts of DC]  Sneak preview!  Our present-day streetcars will basically look like these, but with more electrical fires and constant, bumper-car-style collisions.

Bloomingdale Home Prices Up 54%!  [Urban Turf DC]  More like “Boom”ingdale.  Get it?  Like, a booming market?  Anyone?

The Largest Real Estate Development Project In US History  [Yahoo Finance]  The largest development in history (in NYC) is built on a massive concrete platform they erected over a busy railyard that will continue to operate.  Imagine being the trainyard manager who worked his way up the ladder for years, to get that sunny corner office, and then these real estate developers come along with plans for a giant concrete platform right over your building.

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