In Other News …




How The Real Estate Industry Uses Big Data To Find Clients  [Wall Street Journal]  This article reminds me of the one from a few years ago detailing how Target, using “Big Data,” knew when women were pregnant before the women themselves even knew.  I keep a prepper-style “go bag” in the entryway now, just in case I come home to a Target flier advertising diapers.

Most Millennials “Defy Stereotype Of Living Downtown”  [Washington Post]  What?  Have you ever heard anyone say, “darn those social media-obsessed, ambitious, downtown-livin’ millennials!”  I think the Post just made up that stereotype so they could write an article debunking it.  (I just realized that this is exactly how lifestyle “journalism” is done!)

Herndon Could Be Next Up For Big Development  [Washington Business Journal]  *Intrigued*  *Checks where Herndon is on a map*  *Says “nah” out loud*  *Goes back to aimlessly surfing internet*

Views From Atop The Building That Spawned The Height Act  [Greater Greater Washington]  I saw the fireworks from atop this building a couple years ago and it was definitely impressive.  Not as impressive as peeing off of it, which I also did.

Logan Circle’s Garage-Turned-Home Hits Market  [Urban Turf DC]  You had me at “green roof.”

Shedquarters: The Newest Trend For Home-Based Businesses  [Lighter Side Of Real Estate]  “I’m just the man to handle your million-dollar accounts, let’s talk in more detail in the shed in my backyard.”


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