In Other News …

Check Out This 1939 Footage Of DC  [Ghosts of DC]  Seriously though, did the White House used to be in the middle of a big forest?  I think it used to be in the middle of a big forest.  I guess that’s what passed for “security measures” back then.

If You Could Change One Law For Biking, What Would It Be?  [WABA]  Hmmm, it’s a tough choice, but I think I would ban all cars.

Mapping The Ten Biggest Sales In DC So Far This Year  [Curbed DC]  Almost every huge sale in DC includes a private elevator.  Lesson:  rich people hate walking up stairs.

Can DC Keep Millennials Who Have Kids?  [Washington Post]  It’s shortsighted to try and keep millennials after they get old and have kids;  what DC should do is create a perpetual nightlife playground for young, childless people.  I would pay ridiculous rent to live in a stroller-free neighborhood.

The Five Suitors For The Franklin School  [Washington City Paper]  For gosh’s sake, we all know they’re going to be luxury condos!  Can we just get this dog-and-pony show over with?

The $364 Billion Time Bomb In China’s Economy  [Bloomberg]  Looks like China’s economy is about to get rocked by the bursting of their real estate bubble.  Ha ha!  Er, I mean, “oh no!”


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