In Other News …

Why Do People Jump Metro Fare Gates?  [WAMU]  Because it costs money to ride the Metro!  This reminds me of when an irate pedestrian asked me why I was riding my bike on the sidewalk and I replied, “because there are cars in the street!”

The “Airbnb of Parking” Is Coming To DC  [DCInno]  Every single startup now describes itself with some combination of the terms “the Airbnb of,” “disrupt,” “creating revenue,” “users,” and “sharing.”  All those billionaires and none of them have thought to buy a thesaurus.

Homeownership Among DC Low-Income Households Dropping  [District Measured]  But maybe – just maybe – homeownership as a measure of economic well-being is overstated and maybe even irrelevant.  Especially in a place that has arguably the strongest tenant protections in the country.

The Ben’s Chili Bowl Method Of Enduring Gentrification  [Washington Post]  This article makes a pretty good case that it’s because they adapted to the changing times (ie offering veggie burgers), but it could also just be as simple as offering a product that has huge appeal to the first wave of gentrifiers, ie drunk people.

DC One Of The Most Segregated Cities In America  [Washington City Paper]  To wit:  I overheard a youngish white person in Chinatown this week complaining that every time she turned on the radio, all she heard were “angry black raps!”



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