In Other News …


Meskerem’s Closing Signals The End Of An Era In Adams Morgan  [Washington Post]  I loved the food, don’t get me wrong, but the best part about Meskerem was taking your parents there and refusing to help when they became confused by everything.  “Wait, why are we sitting on the floor?  Is this the kids section?  Why don’t we have forks?  Why are you eating that, I thought it was a hand towel.”

Who Was The Naked Wild Man Of Tennallytown?  [Ghosts of DC]  Was it a bigfoot?  A neanderthal?  Nope, just a habitual drunkard with an exhibitionistic streak.

The Ivy City Renaissance  [Urban Turf DC]  Tiny, charming, and close to a bunch of huge, transformative developments;  Ivy City is basically this decade’s Mt. Pleasant.  Buy in now, if it’s not already too late.

DC Is Unlikely To See Unrest Like Baltimore’s: Here’s Why  [Washingtonian]  Basically, our cops got caught messing up way back in the Nineties, which caused the Department of Justice to put a (justifiably) harsh system of discipline into place that makes DC cops much less likely to go rogue.  Too bad, I was all ready to loot the Apple store.

These Suburban Preppers Are Ready For The End Of The World  [Chicago Magazine]  “What, regular squares who live in suburban McMansions are actually the craziest people of all?”  Said no one ever.

How American Homes Have Changed Since 1973  [Mental Floss]  Much like Americans themselves, they’ve gotten bigger, wider, and more likely to go to formal events wearing drawstring pants and flip-flops.  Okay, I made up one out of those three statements.


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