In Other News …

Study: Eco-Friendly Homes Sell For More  [Curbed DC]  Eco-friendly houses sell, on average, for almost 25% more than their eco-hostile counterparts!  People will pay a premium to reduce their guilt about the environment.  There’s a billion-dollar idea in there somewhere.  Or at least a hundred-dollar idea, ie selling counterfeit LEED certificates out of your trunk.

Is Metro Really That Bad?  [Washington Post]  A study found that, basically, every city complains about their mass transit and claims their system is the worst of all.  The conclusion being, so DC’s probably isn’t actually the worst!  This is what passes for good news about the Metro these days.  (It also misses the possibility that, yes, it might objectively be the worst.)

Southwest:  A Tiny Neighborhood On The Cusp Of Big Change  [UrbanTurf DC]  Pretty insane that one of the city’s four quadrants stayed under the radar for so long.  I can only conclude that witches like Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in “Practical Magic” lived there and were casting anti-gentrification spells to keep the developers out.

Couple Builds Self-Sustaining Floating Island  [Bored Panda]  I never thought a lifestyle that didn’t include drinking watery beers at multiple dive bars per night would seem this appealing, but yeah, I might relocate here, for a summer at least.

DC Judge Recognizes Homeless Defendant As Former Harvard Law School Classmate  [Washington City Paper]  This is like a real-life version of an email forward my mother would send me.  Or, considering that he still threw his old classmate in jail, like a “Game of Thrones” version of a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” story.

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