In Other News …


Revenue From DC Speed Cameras Plummets  [DCist]  I’m torn on the speed camera thing, because on one hand, they’re pretty Orwellian, but on the other, as a bicyclist, I sort of believe that there should be speed cameras literally at every single intersection.  Semi-related, the person who invents a visual equivalent to the radar detector – maybe some sort of laser pointer-type device that blinds speed cameras? – is going to be a billionaire.

First Look At The Coming Spy Museum In L’Enfant  [Washington Business Journal]  The building looks cool, yes, but in my experience, there are two types of people:  people who think the Spy Museum is a cool, legitimate museum, and people who have actually been to the Spy Museum.

The Correlation Between Income And Homeownership  [Zillow]  Turns out the poorer you are, the more likely it is that you own a home.  Oh wait, sorry, I had that backwards, it’s actually the complete opposite.

Withering Heights  [Washington City Paper]  In a time of unprecedented revenue, why is the District so reluctant to keep its promises of upgraded low-income housing?  (But spend millions on a soccer stadium?)

By 2030, SW Will Be DC’s “Ecodistrict”  [Curbed DC]  This is a distinct improvement over what’s in Southwest now, which is “nothing at all.”

L.A.’s Lonely Mountain Lions  [New Yorker]  Could be relevant to DC;  hundreds of deer and several coyotes and wolves (and even some coyote-wolf hybrids!) live in Rock Creek Park, in the center of the city.


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