In Other News …


Meet Lucy, DC’s 1600-Ton Boring Machine  [Washington Post]  Turns out it’s a machine for boring tunnels, not a machine that produces boredom, ie an Xbox 360 with “Madden” in it.  (Also, I think I’m going to start a Tumblr called “Tunnel Boring Machine Or German Sex Toy?”)

Five Maps And Charts That Explain DC’s Growth  [Washington City Paper]  Any story with maps and/or charts gets an automatic repost from me.  It could be a post entitled “Five Charts Illustrating Why You, Specifically, Are An Idiot.”  I wouldn’t even care.

Major DEA Raid At Greenleaf Gardens  [Capital Community News]   Note to future drug dealers:  maybe don’t run your business out of a housing complex with a drug euphemism right in the name.  You’re making it too easy for the cops.

In Gentrifying Neighborhoods, Diversity Can Be Decorative  [Citylab]  It’s true that in many transitioning neighborhoods, the newcomers and original residents still self-segregate to the point of hostility, but still.  The article quotes an academic that derides “minority aesthetics that contrast with suburbia,” but isn’t that at least a huge step in the right direction?

The Best Street Art In DC  [DCist]  Call me an old-fashioned traditionalist, but I like my street art to be hair-whiteningly offensive and preferably anatomical.  “Pretty” grafitti is like nonalcoholic beer.

The Attic of Empire  [Paris Review]  A novelist’s look back at the National Air and Space Museum.


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