In Other News …


The Best Cherry Blossom Photos On Instagram  [Washingtonian]  Just like hipsters are wearing drapey, baggy clothes in reaction against the mainstreaming of the tailored silhouette, I think the social media ubiquity of the pretty, crystal clear, perfectly staged photo has rendered that kind of photo passe.  From now on, I’m only interested in badly-timed, unflattering crap photos.

What People Google About DC  [Curbed DC]  Oh man, these are so good.  Apparently, everyone outside of DC thinks it’s just like “House of Cards,” everyone is gay, and it’s more dangerous than Baghdad.  I’m pretty sure these are pulled directly from my mother’s internet history.

One In Five Houses In DC Sell For More Than $1 Million  [Washington City Paper]  The other four out of five houses are less than $1 million, but still out of your price range.

A Tour Of Scientology’s Real Estate Empire  [Business Insider]  If you watched “Going Clear,” you’re definitely going to be interested in this.  If you didn’t watch “Going Clear,” you should stop whatever you’re doing right now, even if you’re performing open heart surgery, and go watch it.

Photos Of Columbia Heights After The 1968 Riots  [Ghosts of DC]  The most surprising thing is how tame all the riot graffiti was; nary an F-word to be seen.

The Dirty Secrets Of Open Houses  [Inman]  I would’ve gone with “exhibitionists go to them to have public sex” (true story!), but I guess “it’s all just showbiz” is an acceptable answer.


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