In Other News …


How To Avoid Buying A Lemon House  [Washington Post]  Ghosts, radon gas, hidden tree damage, termites – so much can go wrong when you’re buying a new house.  Rule #1 of buying a lemon house is:  don’t tell anyone, so you can dump it on someone else as soon as possible.

How Do You Move An 880-Ton Building?  [Urban Turf DC]  Answer:  five feet at a time, on a hydraulic beam, whatever that is.  *Why* would you move an 880-ton building is a better question, though.  (Because it’s historic, and a developer wants to build a high-rise there.)

MD and VA Battle It Out For New Red****s Stadium  [Curbed DC]  We all know this is just Dan Snyder trying to bluff DC into thinking he could take his team to the suburbs, so maybe they’ll cave and give him RFK without making him change the team name.  Probably not going to work though.

Is DC Over K Street?  [Washington Business Journal]  Hmmm, well, nothing lasts forever.  Tom Cruise used to be considered cool, after all.  M. Night Shyamalan used to “the next Hitchcock”!

Architecture Firms Reimagine DC  [Washingtonian]  I really liked the pedestrian bridge connecting DC to Roosevelt Island, but my favorite thing is the huge arch of micro-units built over the White House that also acts as a support for a massive digital projection screen.  That will definitely happen.


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