In Other News …


DC United Stadium Site Seriously Contaminated  [Washington Business Journal]  Let’s get these heavy metals and petroleum by-products cleaned up so we can get down to the business of recontaminating the site with poisonously terrible garbage-league soccer.

No “Fatal Flaws” – Streetcar Survives Review  [WAMU]  At this point, would anyone be surprised if all this “we might kill the streetcar, we might not, stay tuned” controversy is just a PR gambit to resurrect the streetcar buzz?

Secret Service Harassing Cyclists In Rock Creek Park  [Washcycle]  Hey, get in here and read this and let’s get this rude Secret Service guy fired!

The Actual Rules For DC Penthouses  [DC Office of Planning]  Hmmm, did you know that it’s not technically legal for people to live in penthouses?  A lot of rich people just gulped audibly and frantically started emailing their lawyers.

7-11 Is Taking Over DC  [Washington Post]  7-11 is adding a store in DC every month, mostly because they sell so much pizza and hot wings.  Is it a coincidence that this boom on disgusting ready-made junk food coincides with the boom of new bars vomiting out thousands of drunk people late at night when nothing else is open?  Probably not.

Former Georgetown Chapel Turned Home Hits Market  [UrbanTurf DC]  Oh look, only $4 million for a house in which you will never ever be able to un-self-consciously have sex.







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