In Other News …


Entire New 13-Story Building Tips Over In Shanghai  [Gizmodo]  True story:  I once bought a bootleg, “Made In China,” handheld video game system that was modeled on the Playstation PSP, but on the unit it said “PCP.”

Why We Should Convert Street Parking To Bike Lanes  [Citylab]  I’ve always thought that it’s a strange kind of entitlement for people to think the city should let them store their cars on public property for free.  You may think it will never change, but just think about when they started charging for shopping bags;  everyone was incensed for like a week, and then you never heard anything more about it.

Ten Kickass Female Architects Who Practiced In DC  [Curbed DC]  You should show this list to your five year old daughter, then pile all of her Disney Princesses stuff in the yard and set it on fire.

Rents For High-End DC Apartments Falling  [Washington Post]  Key phrase there is “high-end,” as in, apartments that were priced at $3,100 a month are renting for as low (“low”) as $2,850.  Don’t start stuffing your kickball t-shirts into trashbags just yet.

How Much Cash Do You Need To Buy A House?  [Urban Turf DC]  For a $425K house somewhere between $18K and $120K, ie between ten and a hundred times more than you have in that shoebox on the top shelf of your closet.  Also, are “closing costs” the real estate equivalent to “rustproofing the undercarriage” when you buy a new car, ie a cynical cash grab as you’re going out the door, after it’s too late to turn back?  I think they might be.

Police Say They’re Serious About Cracking Down On NE Dirt bike Riders  [Hillnow]  But still won’t pursue them in squad cars.  By that measure, what would police not being serious about cracking down on dirt bikes look like?  Buying them dirt bikes?






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