In Other News …


A New Life For Dead Malls  [Citylab]  Now that a third of all malls are in decline, “mall rehab” is becoming a thing;  some of them become megachurches, others become hospitals.  You know what malls really look like, though?  Prisons.  Just add bars!  If you locked me in a Spencer’s Gifts for a year, I would absolutely never break the law again.

Streetcar Still Up In The Air; Could Be Axed  [Washington City Paper]  It would be borderline insane to cancel it now, after we’ve already built the tracks and bought the streetcars.  Hey here’s an idea;  instead of just throwing up your hands and walking away, why don’t you train the operators on how to actually operate the streetcars?

The Five Year Plan For The Dupont Underground  [Urban Turf DC]  Let’s be honest, if they really want people to go there, they should just keep it dark, scary, and graffitti-covered, and tell people that they are definitely not allowed under any circumstances to go down there, ever.  (Worked on me!)

The Psychological Benefits Of High Ceilings  [Architizer]  While I’m not sure I’m on board with this article’s theory that humans have a “biological need” to live in high-ceilinged spaces, I did enjoy these photos.  Who would’ve thought that “ceiling porn” was a thing?

The Future of the Georgetown Gondola Is Bright  [Curbed DC]  “Hey, we totally flubbed the streetcar, let’s do it all over again, but this time with flying streetcars!”

This Is What 15th Street Looked Like A Hundred Years Ago  [Ghosts of DC]  Everyone in these old photos always looks really angry, maybe because they don’t have easy access to internet pornography.  Also, I would note that there’s a streetcar in this photo that seems to be running smoothly – no fires, no crashes.  This was in an era when people literally thought taking a hot shower would make you terminally ill!  How hard could it be?



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