In Other News …


Public Transit On The Ropes  [Washington Post]  I mean, okay, the streetcar thing just might not work in DC (though I don’t quite understand why – the streetcars in other cities operate seamlessly), but Bowser’s crappy “why don’t we do express buses instead?” compromise is just dumb.  We already have bus lanes, and cars drive in them anyway.  Short of something like the above, it would take a huge culture change for express buses to ever work in DC.

Terrorism Fears Muck Up Security At Library Of Congress  [Greater Greater Washington]  I’ve noticed this too!  Going into the Library, it’s basically like getting on a plane, but leaving, you could basically have the rolled-up Constitution under your arm, and the guard will barely look up from his game of “Candy Crush.”

DC’s New Doughnut  [Washington City Paper]  Basically, in 1990, all the money was in a ring outside the District (hence the “doughnut”) and now it’s reversed, with all the money concentrated in the center.  It’s kind of crazy to think that people actually listened to all that complaining and whining we did about how bad the suburbs were, and changed their minds.  Complaining and whining = my new avenue to effect change.

30 Old Photos And Designs For The Washington Monument [Curbed DC]  I like to think that the ghost of George Washington looks down on his monument and gets extremely irritated because it’s not just a big statue of him.  “Lincoln got a statue, why did I get stuck with this stupid tent peg?”

22 Shipping Container Condos Planned Near H Street  [Urban Turf DC]  I’d live in a bare, unremodeled shipping container, that’s how much I love shipping container homes.  Then again, I’ve lived in this apartment for almost five months and I’m still using a rolled-up sweater as a pillow.

Holmes Norton Requests A Lift On Capitol Hill Sledding Ban This Weekend  [Hill Now]  Everyone keeps saying this ban exemption is so “children” will be able to sled on Capitol Hill after this weekend’s big snowstorm, but listen, I’ve watched enough “Law and Order” to know about equal protection under the law, and if this thing goes through, I’m going to be out there with my trashcan lid with all the 8 year olds.

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