In Other News …


In DC, Marijuana Legal But Still Taboo  [The Guardian]  We all know there are some uptight people in DC, but wow.  The girl quoted in this article about how she’s against pot, but then upon further questioning admits that she only “sort of tried it,” and then upon further questioning admits that “sort of trying it” means that she was once in a room where other people were smoking pot, and she didn’t smoke it, but still, it was pretty boring sitting in a room, not smoking pot, when everyone else was smoking pot, therefore she’s now against pot???  She’s really making us all look bad.  We should deport her to Virginia.

The DC Streetcar System Might Be In Jeopardy  [NBC4]  What?!  But they’ve already laid the tracks and bought the streetcars!  Now I feel bad about all the cracks I made at the streetcar’s expense.  I take them all back.  We should definitely have a streetcar in DC.  (Just sort out the whole “spontaneous fires” thing.)

How Starbucks Impacts DC Home Values  [Curbed DC]  I guess it’s not that surprising that homes near a Starbucks are worth quite a bit more than houses that aren’t;  Starbucks has bottomless pockets and puts new stores in where the money is.  What’s more interesting is that if you look at the graph, in the late Nineties, houses near Starbucks actually gained less value than houses farther away.  Was Starbucks putting stores in bad neighborhoods back then, or did people just have better taste?

The Best Places To Travel While The Dollar Is Strong  [Washington Post]  The dollar is strongest in Russia, but that’s because it’s a pretty horrible place right now, and no one in their right mind wants to go there.  Going to the cheapest countries is sort of like buying the cheapest pair of shoes at the store;  you’re probably going to end up wincing in pain.  Opt for someplace that’s just cheap-ish, like Brazil.

What DC’s $2.6 Billion “Big Dig” Is All About  [Washington Business Journal]  I never knew that the rivers here were so filthy because we have a medieval sewage/stormwater system that just dumps spillover into the river.  I’m glad we’re fixing it, though, even if it is costing as much as a manned mission to Mars.

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