In Other News …


Mayor Bowser’s Low-Key Negotiations Eased Pot Legalization  [Washington Post]  The crazy thing isn’t that she got the District’s leading pot advocate to promise not to organize a 300K-person “smoke-in” in DC, but that she trusted him to remember making the promise.

Want To Appeal Your DC Tax Assessment?  Good Luck With That!  [Washington Business Journal]  Given a choice, the city would prefer that you pay them more money, rather than less money.  Asking nicely won’t change that.

DC’s Housing Inventory Shortage To Continue For The Foreseeable Future  [Urban Turf DC]  I sent this to my friend who works in real estate and he wrote back that he needed a seeing-eye dog to get around, because after reading this article his eyeballs turned into big cartoon-style dollar signs.

Is The Term “Smart Growth” Out Of Style?  [Greater Greater Washington]  Remember when pro-sprawl people were mad about the term “smart growth” because it implied sprawl was “dumb growth”?   That was a real thing that happened!  That’s like people with Nokia flip-phones grumbling about people with their fancy touchscreen “stuck-up elitist snobphones.”

A Visit To DC’s Tiny House Commune  [Curbed DC]  In addition to the “micro-dwellings,” there’s a “micro-orchard,” a “micro-music-studio,” and a “micro-apiary.”  If I was a guy living in this commune, I would spend all my time concocting rebuttals for the inevitable jokes about my endowment.

Five Spaces That Appeal To Your Five Senses  [Architizer]  What’s more disgusting, the “smellin’ room” (featuring invisible “odor sculptures”) or the room made of chocolate (that was immediately infested with ants)?  Being a human being is so gross.


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