In Other News …

Washington Monument Re-surveyed; Shrinks By Ten Inches  [Associated Press]  (Insert your own “it’s been cold”/phallus/shrinkage joke here)

Has Washington DC’s Boom Gone Bust?  [New York Magazine]  While I don’t really agree with all of this article’s conclusions (maybe DC’s job growth ranks so low because we never lost a ton of jobs that we now have to regenerate?), it’s an interesting perspective.  And it’s never a good sign to be compared to the city in “The Hunger Games.”

Historic Anacostia Facade Collapse, Neighbors Accuse City of “Demolition By Neglect”  [Washington City Paper]  Exhibiting deliberate indifference until a total collapse renders any issues/decisions irrelevant?  The city seems to treat its properties the same way I treat my relationships.

Inside The Battle For The Hoover Building, DC’s Biggest Real Estate Prize  [Washington Post]  The Brutalist eyesore could sell for as much as $1 billion, thus ensuring that whatever is built there will be a huge boxy steel-and-glass tower designed to ruthlessly maximize square footage.  Why can’t the city just sell it for, like, $10K, on the condition that the developer can only build a huge waterpark with a bunch of waterslides on the site?

How You Can Learn About Affordable Units In New Buildings  [Urban Turf DC]  It’s a little-known fact that those “affordable housing units” that developers have to set aside in exchange for being able to put up a new building often remain vacant for months or years because the developer can’t find qualified people to live in them.  So if you qualify, you could basically have your pick of units.

The Most Realistic Artificial Sunlight Ever  [Architizer]  Those aren’t skylights in those photos;  those are light fixtures.  *Mind blown*

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