Show: UP! at the Best Dinner Party Ever


In the age of iPhones, hashtags and selfies, millennials just can’t stop socializing. It’s only right that the world knows where they are, who they’re with and what time they made it home last night—through every social media outlet possible.

New York based theater maker, William Bryant Miles, gets that millennials just want to be tech-savvy at the time. In an conversation with a fellow collaborator, he brainstormed ways to make the theater experience “millennial-friendly.”

“I really wanted to create something that spoke to how my generation and a lot of my friends enjoy things,” he says. “They want something where they can have a cocktail and don’t get penalized for pulling their cell phones out.”

The brainstorm session sparked, “Show: UP!”, an experience that brings theater lovers out of traditional audience seating and thrusts them into an intimate setting where the show revolves around them…over dinner and cocktails!

On Saturday, Feb. 21 and Sunday, Feb. 22, “Show: UP!” is coming to DC, hosting three-dozen guests for an out-of-the-box theater experience in the home of a DC resident. Guests can expect a catered meal (dinner or brunch) and an immersive performance by their hosts who are actors with larger-than-life personalities.

While Miles has an idea of how each event will unfold, there’s no script for the actors. This improv style allows for the experiences to flow based on the guests and their reactions.

“That makes for a lot of fun for the guests,” says Miles who finds curating the show both a challenge and an exciting ride.

While he couldn’t give away too many surprises, Miles did say that encores have been on the menu.

“The guests weren’t responding to any of the endings we had,” he recalls. “They were like ‘we’re having a great time, we don’t want to leave’ and because it’s at someone’s house, it creates another feeling of comfortability.”


“Show: UP!” is produced by Mile’s company, the WBM Group.

While he lives in New York, he has a love affair with DC where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Howard University. Also under his belt are a Master of Arts with honors in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Goldsmiths, University of London and a Certificate in Coaching from New York University.

Miles has worked on projects domestically and internationally with independent artists, mid-size arts organizations and large commercial enterprises.

He’s also produced independent shows in London and the US, having a knack for completing projects under budget while exceeding income projections.

If you decide to show up with him, you can expect more than a production. “It really is a night out,” he says. “You can get food, cocktails and a full experience—more than just watching a performance and having a dinner. And the food is amazing!”

Tickets are $65. Show UP! HERE for details.

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