In Other News …



The Trend Against Micro-Units  [Wall Street Journal]   Well yeah, everyone wants a bigger apartment.  But getting one is the problem.

How Median Incomes Vary By Metro Line  [Washington Post]  Is it a coincidence that I live on the line with the lowest median income (Green Line), or am I, specifically, dragging the median down with my measly writer’s income?  It’s fifty-fifty.

Minorities And The “Slumburbs”  [Citylab]  Basically, if you look at the big picture of demographic/housing trends, it all looks to be a steady game of musical chairs, similar to the predictable rise and fall of hemlines.

This Abandoned Maryland Theme Park Is Like Candyland After A Neutron Bomb Strike  [IO9]  This looks like the greatest getaway ever, in the sense that the only purpose of traveling anymore is to post photos on social media, and beach photos are boring.

The Decommissioning Of Georgetown  [The Georgetown Metropolitan]  Georgetowners complaining about developers converting too many buildings from public to private uses is the rich people equivalent to regular people grumbling about having to rent out the walk-in pantry as a “micro-bedroom” because the landlord jacked up the rent.

A Different Kind Of Pop-Up  [Urban Turf DC]  With everyone so bent out of shape about traditional pop-ups, it might be time to check out this European take.  (It only takes a day to erect!)  (Insert your own “old guy/impotence” joke here.)






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