In Other News …


Wanna Be A Racing President For The Nats?  [Popville]  Um, yes!  The Nats are holding auditions this Sunday to be one of the people who runs around and makes a fool of themselves in those big-headed president costumes;  one part of the audition is “freestyle dance.”  Technically the auditions are not open to the public, but come on – you show up with a homemade papier-mâché Obama head, doing a fierce running man, and they’ll at least give you serious consideration.

Capitol Riverfront Nearly 50% Built Out [Urban Turf DC]  Don’t call it “Navy Yard”!  I knew this neighborhood was for real when the girl who gives me $75 haircuts moved her practice to Navy Yard (sorry) and made me trek all the way out there just for a trim.

Ten Maps That Show How We Live And Eat In DC [Washington Post]  I’m a sucker for any kind of infomap.  Infomaps are the infographics of 2015.

Preservationists Urge Restrain In MLK Library Renovations [Washington City Paper]  I’m kind of with them on this.  Yes, it’s ugly, but isn’t that sort of the point of a Mies van der Rohe building?

Harriet Tregoning Opposes DC’s Pop-Up Ban [Greater Greater Washington]  Also with Tregoning on this one.  I mean yeah, pop-ups are tacky, but they’ll also make our rent go down.  When taste and wallets collide, it’s usually taste that yields.  (Hence the popularity of Taco Bell.)

Woodridge Is DC’s Hottest Hood In 2015! [Curbed DC]  Cool!!! …………………………. so where the hell is Woodridge?


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