In Other News …


How A Nuclear Utility Company Could Shape Local Energy Policy  [Greentech]  Exelon, a nuclear utility company, just acquired Pepco;  the two likely outcomes are a) they’ll build nuclear power plants in the area, and/or b) the slow decline of their other nuclear holdings will become a factor in all our power bills, ie. get ready for a rate increase.  Less likely but more sensational is the possibility of FUKUSHIMA IN DC.  (That sounds like a James Patterson novel.)

Fort Totten To Get Connector Trails  [Washcycle]  I’m going to find out what internet forum house flippers hang out on, and buy banner ads that say “Michigan Park Is The New Petworth.”  Oh, and I’m going to buy a bunch of houses in Michigan Park.

A Death On The DC Metro  [Citylab]  Metro has never been all that competent, but this last month has been a new low.  Though we should all keep in mind that the real problem is chronic underfunding.

What To Expect From A New New Carrollton  [Curbed DC]  Basically, they’re turning it into downtown Silver Spring.

DC Water Shuts Off Grandma’s Water Because Of Someone Else’s $7K Water Bill  [WJLA]  I speak from experience when I say DC Water is pure evil.  When my old house had a leaky main, they came, dug up the entire front steps, found that the leak was three inches on our side of the property line (they’ll only fix it if the leak is on the public side), and then just left, leaving the huge hole open for several days until grit trickled into the leaky pipe and totally plugged up the water supply.

Are Bicyclists Jerks Or Are They Just Being Safe?  [IO9]  I don’t see why those two things have to be mutually exclusive.  There’s nothing jerkier, or safer, than slow-ridin’ down the middle of the lane, which is why I do it.  (Both reasons.)


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