In Other News …

Detailing Douglas Development’s Plans For The Hecht Warehouse District  [Washington Business Journal]  They keep saying that “it could be DC’s Meatpacking District.”  Have they ever been to the Meatpacking District?  It’s filled with orange-faced Jersey types and dudes who still pop (and will never stop popping) their collars.  It’s the worst.  Douglas might as well be like, “it could be like a mix of Kabul and Chernobyl!”

Walmart’s Coming To Skyland After All  [Washington City Paper]  Yeah, but the Walmart wage bill has been dead for a long time now, so what took so long?  Did Walmart think Muriel Bowser might revive the bill after she takes office?  Did they receive assurances behind closed doors that she won’t?  Could this paragraph have any more potentially libelous speculation in it?

The Best DC Maps Of 2014  [Curbed DC]  Don’t click on this link unless you have at least 45 minutes to waste, i.e. you’re at your office job on the Friday after Christmas.

Heller’s Bakery Closing After This Weekend  [DCist]  No!!!!!  If I had a dollar for every time I stopped in here and bought several doughnuts and danishes on the way to the office, ate them on the bus, and spent all morning clutching my upset stomach, I’d have, I dunno, like sixty-five dollars?

Bowser Appoints Affordable Housing Executive To Head DC Housing Department  [Washington Post]  You know, the quiet consensus is that DC is about to see a significant increase in reasonably priced housing, if only because developers generally build their luxury units first, and then go in and fill in with moderately priced and affordable units.  So all Bowser has to do is pretend that she’s addressing the housing problem and then take credit when all this cheap housing appears.  Genius.

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