In Other News …


A Familiar Ring:  On The Failures Of Sochi  [Grantland]  As DC lobbies heavily to host the Olympics, this article points out that it’s often a low-upside gig;  if it goes well, everyone shrugs and says “yeah, it’s the Olympics, it’s supposed to go well,” and if it goes badly, everyone will gleefully pile on.  Plus, what do we do with all these empty, leftover venues afterwards?

Real Estate Resolutions For 2015  [Washington Post]  My real estate resolution for 2015:  buy some.  My real estate resolution for 2016:  sell it for twice as much.

The Winners and Losers In DC Real Estate and Development In 2014  [Washington City Paper]  An interesting rundown on who’s on the way up and who’s on the way down.  Also, if I owned a house in a gentrifying neighborhood, I openly admit I’d probably be one of those pesky citizen activists who tried to block every single new project, but man – Anacostia residents block everything.

New Year’s Eve Rides On The H Street Streetcar? Maybe  [WAMU]  Ohhh boy, here we go.  What’s the over/under on how many days the streetcar is running before the first automobile/streetcar collision?  I’m putting it at 2.5 days (and probably would take the under).

14 Maps That Explain 2014  [Citylab]  Alternate titles:  “Everything’s Getting Worse,” “Oh Man, We’re So Screwed,” or “I’m Never Leaving The House Again.”

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