In Other News …

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America’s Largest Closet Is For Sale (The Attached House, Too)  [Curbed]  It’s three stories tall, includes a champagne bar, and covers 1600 square feet;  unfortunately, it’s also in Texas.  Best tidbit from this write-up:  the owner and her husband tried to have sex in it, but he couldn’t perform, claiming it was too “clean and pretty.”  I’m not sure what this implies about their usual settings for intercourse.  (An auto body shop? Mud flats?)

DC Cabs To Launch Hailing App  [WTOP]  They should call it “Acme” or “Mucho” or something like that.  I guess some good will come out of Uber if it forces the taxi industry to catch up.  Could it be there’s something to this “free market” stuff?  (No.)

395 Closure For Capitol Crossing Construction Vetoed  [Washington Post]  Even though it would cut construction from five years (!!) to just a year and a half, the proposed closure of the 3rd Street Tunnel was vetoed by the feds.  My favorite part of the article was from the letter written by the developer where he was like, “80 percent of the drivers who use that stretch of 395 are from Virginia or Maryland, and screw them.”  I think the exact same thing every time I drive during rush hour.

Why Don’t DC Rent Control Laws Work?  [Washington City Paper]  Basically it’s because the mayor’s office always puts in little loopholes, as when they recently changed the “developments on city-owned land must include affordable housing” law so that the mayor’s office had some kind of ambiguous authority to make exceptions in certain cases (probably involving campaign donors).  Rent control is really profit control, and when you think about it like that, it never really stood a chance.

The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of DC Development  [Washington Business Journal]  Foreign companies are buying up all of DC!  If I was slightly less scrupulous, I’d play up the “evil foreigners” angle and get my own tv “news” show.

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