In Other News …


Watergate To Reopen, Rooms Start At $450/Night  [Washington Post]  I used to work by the Watergate, and I’d often go to the little food court/market thing in the middle for lunch.  Sometimes I’d see resident James Earl Jones (famous actor, the voice of Darth Vader, etc.) walking around.  One day my girlfriend had met me there for lunch, and when we saw James Earl Jones, I thought I’d impress her by asking him to say a Darth Vader line.  “Excuse me,” I said.  The great actor stopped, turned around, and looked at me.  “Say, ‘Luke, I’m your father’,” I said.  “No,” he said, and then walked away.  That’s my Watergate story.

The Catfight Over Katharine Graham’s Former Georgetown Mansion  [Washingtonian]  I’d feel a lot more confident saying that this riveting story about how a venture capitalist has unsuccessfully spent half a mil (so far) trying to get the city to let him build an addition on his historic mansion was about the triumph of the law over moneyed self-interest, if his opposition wasn’t being spearheaded by a slightly richer, slightly more influential couple who may have just outspent and out-influenced him.

How Copenhagen Is Increasing Housing By Building Artificial Islands  [Citylab]  If we’re building a park over the Anacostia, why not some housing islands too?  DC desperately needs more housing.  I volunteer to live there, as long as they include a bike trail over the water.

The DC Neighborhoods With The Best Price Appreciation In 2014  [Urban Turf DC]  These may surprise you, some because of the unlikelihood of them appearing on a “hot neighborhoods” list (uh, should I start investing in Deanwood real estate?), others because you didn’t know they existed.  (If you try and say you knew that “Wakefield” was a neighborhood, I’m flat out calling you a liar.)

Los Angeles Finally Embraces Water Conservation  [NYTimes]  “Hey, now that it’s already too late, let’s try and put a band-aid on the problem!”  Welcome to the next hundred years of environmental policy.

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