In Other News …

Cat Cafe Is Coming To DC, Maybe  [Eater DC]  This raises the distinct and unsettling possibility that prayers are, in fact, sometimes answered.

Gay Sex Club On 14th St NW Inches Closer To Demolition  [SALM]  I mainly included this story so I could type out yet again the name of the former “gay sex club” – “Men’s Parties.”  Ha ha!  It’s almost genius, like a restaurant called “Food.”  (But also – might some of this enthusiasm to raze one of the oldest buildings in the District be tinged with just the slightest bit of squeamishness/discomfort at the building’s past?  After all, it’s never just referred to as a “sex club” – always a “gay sex club.”)

DC’s “Pot Belt”  [Washington Post]  The precinct that voted most overwhelmingly for legalization – at 83% – includes the White House.  Basically, there’s an 83% chance that our president gets high, which is weirdly reassuring.  (The real question is, who does he buy it from?  Does he get a discount?  I feel like, if I was a dealer, I’d give Obama free weed, in case later on I needed a parking ticket fixed or something.)

“Being In Marion Barry’s Proximity Could Be Better Than Drinking The Elixir Of Life”  [Washington City Paper]  My favorite of all the Barry retrospectives.  The potential epitaph at the end is perfect but devastating …

DC’s Olympics Plan Revealed  [Curbed DC]  The (let’s be honest) long shot plans features an Olympic Village overlooking the scenic, fragrant Anacostia River, and holding some events at FedEx Field, which is by consensus one of the worst stadiums in existence.  The story also includes the tidbit that the owner of the Wizards has already raised $5 million – great, only $24.95 billion to go!

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