In Other News …


Aging Office Buildings Could Be The Answer To DC’s Housing Shortage  [Washington Post]   I used to live in an old office, and it had incredible hardwood floors and super-high ceilings.  Offices often make really good homes, but homes rarely make good offices. It’s weird how that works.

What Should Do We Do With Zombie Subdivisions?  [Citylab]  The very first people who moved into many new pre-recession housing developments now find themselves alone in a sea of abandoned, unoccupied houses that never sold and never will.  One of the women in this article complains about how drag racers use her subdivision’s oval lane as a racetrack, but to me that’s a plus!  What would you rather have, a passive-aggressive suburban neighbor who’s going to complain to the whole Listserv if your grass is too long, or front row seats for a free, nightly drag race?  Plus you can sunbathe and garden in the nude.

A Look Inside The $10.5 Million Bethesda Penthouse  [Urban Turf DC]  I admit that I was already extremely skeptical, but these photos managed to underwhelm even my ultra-low expectations.  Move that decimal point one place to the left and maybe this all makes sense.  Maybe.

Wizards’ Owner Says Trust Him, Shaw Should Want The Wizards’ Training Facility There  [Washington City Paper]   Basically he says that a Wizards practice facility could turn Shaw into (wait for it …) Ballston.  This is like one of those teen makeover movies, except instead of turning the nerd into a heartthrob, they turn him into a meth hobo.  (“The Makeunder”?)

Can China Really Go Green?  [The New Yorker]  China officially has more renewable energy capacity than the US does;  on the other hand, pollution is still so terrible there that almost a million people a year die of smog-related ailments.  Does this mean my kids should still learn Mandarin in school, or nah?

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