In Other News …


The Country’s First Cat Cafe Is Now Open  [Mashable]  Do you support opening a cat cafe in DC, or are you a heartless, evil person? There’s really no in-between, as far as I’m concerned.

DC Area’s Most Expensive Condo Ever Will Be In Bethesda  [WTOP]  P.T. Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute, but even he never imagined that someone would pay $11 million to live in Bethesda.

DC Orders Shaw Landlord Not To Raise Rents On Low Income Tenants [Washington City Paper]  This is the same landlord (the Bush Companies of Williamsburg, VA) who were trying to force all the old people in Chinatown out of a different building they own, a cash grab that was similarly thwarted by the DC government.  I know none of us want to live in a country where the government can just seize private property without any process or recourse, but can’t we make a one time exception for the Bush Companies of Williamsburg, VA?

Home Prices Skyrocket 22 Percent In Logan Circle  [Urban Turf DC]  I literally thought that was a typo when I first read it, and I write about DC real estate all the time.  I’m pretty sure buying a house in Logan is the best investment in the world right now.  I know drug dealers who don’t make 22 percent profit annually.

DC Affordable Housing Program Requires Developer To Sell Condos, Won’t Let Him Sell Condos  [Washington Post]  The article does make a good point – that to qualify for the low-income home purchase program, you have to have a low income, which then locks you out of qualifying for a mortgage.  I don’t have any solution for this one, I just wanted to complain.

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