In Other News …


When It Comes To Inequality, DC Is A Third World Country  [Washington Post]  We’re worse than China, Namibia, and several other places where you’d start hyperventilating if you lost your passport during a vacation there.  We started off so well, and then it’s like we stumbled, and then fell.  Face first into the back of a car.

The 6 Spookiest Statues In DC  [Curbed DC]  What I want to know is, who was the first person who decided to sleep in the lap of a statue named “Black Aggie” that used to be in a druid cemetery, “just to see what happens.”

Why Can’t Middle-Class Families Afford To Live In Liberal Cities?  [CityLab]   Clickbait headline aside, it might have less to do with politics and more about simple livability.  The bluest cities are San Francisco and NYC;  the reddest are Knoxville, TN and Tulsa, OK.  A lot more people want to live in the formers than the latters, meaning it’s simple supply and demand, not a vast left wing conspiracy.

Ten Reasons You Won’t Get A Mortgage  [Housing Wire]  They forgot to include “you lived on credit cards in Europe for two years and then declared bankruptcy,” “you were an English major,” and “you can’t make a down payment in VHS tapes.”

$23 Million Arlington Mansion Robbed – Again  [ARLnow]  Isn’t there some movie where the robbers are like, “we’ll rob the bank/casino/drug dealer a second time – no one will see it coming!”?  These Arlington robbers must have seen that movie.

An Interview With The Architect Behind DC’s Shipping Container Apartments  [Urban Turf DC]  Next up:  floating houses on the Potomac.  I’d pay to see his face when someone tells him that boats already exist.

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