In Other News …


Check Out This Photo Of Georgetown Bros From 1895  [Ghosts of DC]  Bros are timeless!  Front row, L to R:  Tater, Smooth Jack, Li’l Dandy, Hambone, The Phrenologist, Aw Shucks, Dimples Pete, Tommy Gun.

Are Roads Becoming More Dangerous For Cyclists?  [WAMU]  The stats say no.  The increasing number of drivers I see who are clearly texting says yes.  (At least once a week I’ll see someone behind the wheel so absorbed in their phone that the light turns green, everyone behind them starts honking their horns, and the light turns back to red, and they don’t notice any of it.)

Bethesda’s Infamous Hobbit Mushroom House Hits The Market  [Curbed DC]  I know a lot of people who’ve been waiting for years for this house to go on sale.  Not coincidentally, all of them do lots of drugs.

DC’s Housing Stock In Charts  [Washington City Paper]  These charts were SO interesting;  the one that really caught my eye was that most renters in DC pay more than 35% of their income towards rent.  I get really irritated when people quote that saying that you’re not supposed to pay more than a third of your income towards rent.  EVERYONE pays more than a third of their income towards rent.  I’m glad I finally have an infographic to back this up.

Why Do Film Villains Like Modern Architecture?  [Architzer]  An interesting look at something you probably noticed as a kid;  why was the bad guy in the movie always smarter, better dressed, and more interesting than the good guy?  Is this because there’s some real-life correlation between sophistication and amorality, or is it just that pop culture is manufactured by total squares who’re are getting even with the smarter, better dressed guys who stole their girlfriends?


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