Cakeageddon: Scare Tactics You Can Taste

October is a beautiful time of year. A month filled with changing colors, leaf piles to jump in, fairs, spiked apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes (pumpkin spiced everything if I am being honest) and to top it all off an excuse to eat miniature Butterfingers, Reese cups, Heath bars and gummy eyeballs. What more could we ask of a single month?

My least favorite part about October is the fact that it can get kind of spooky. I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to the scary side of Halloween. By kind of a wuss, I mean I’m a total wuss. Specifically, I am the kind of wuss who gets scared watching Scary Movie 3 (I know, it’s bad).

I’d much rather watch Hocus Pocus and eat marshmallows decorated to look like ghosts than pay for people to chase me around with chainsaws, even when I repeatedly yell at them “ PLEASE STOP! MY FRIEND MADE ME COME!” Regardless, I can’t escape the Halloween horror every year.  If I was forced to go to a horror show, however, I have found the one that would pull me out of the Halloween shadows.


Image credit: © Nathan Pask 2014

In Letchworth Garden City, a country town some 35 miles north of London, there is an edible horror show taking place. Yes, you read that right – edible! The event actually takes place at an innocent little venue called “Standalone Farm”, but don’t let that fool you into thinking there won’t be any scare factor.

The show is the result of freelance creative director Emma Thomas, more formally known as “Miss Cakehead”. The event is fondly called an edible horror farm and formally called “Cakeageddon”. It is running from October 29th to November 1st.



Image credit: © Nathan Pask 2014

Not quite sure what to think of an edible horror farm? As London 24 says, “think of the classic fairy tales from your youth, but with a darker twist…and made out of cake”. Miss Cakehead isn’t pulling this off by herself though. The show will feature horror-themed work of leading food artists from around the world.


Image credit: © Nathan Pask 2014


Image credit: © Nathan Pask 2014

This year, Miss Cakehead has collaborated with artists such as the Tattooed Bakers. Some of the attractions featured include interpretations of childhood stories such as The Three Little Pigs, Miss Muffet, Red Riding Hood and Mary’s Little Lamb. For those of you wondering about the tastier portion of the event, the three pigs are actually red velvet cake in disguise, with strawberry sauce and toffee sauce making a cameo for blood.

According to the show’s mastermind, they have to think about more than how the attraction will taste. Since it is, in fact, a show, they work hard to prepare themselves for any natural elements that may be a hindrance (such as rain and wind). Also unusual for the creepy cake queen is the fact that the show requires such a large team. Due to scripting, lighting requirements and more the production calls for a team of more than 30 people. Miss Cakehead has explained that due to the cake-related nature of the show’s environment, everything is installed last minute.

If visitors survive the blood and guts of the show, they are rewarded with the opportunity to go to pop-up cake shop called “Eat Your Heart Out” for more horrifying confectionary treats. The pop-up shop has made appearances in the past, selling wound and maggot cupcakes and will appear again in two locations – one in Letchworth at the farm and one at The Hoxton, Shoreditch in London.

Horror6 Horror7

Crazily enough, this isn’t the first time Miss Cakehead has made an “extreme cake” that could send shivers down your spine. However, not all of her work is so sweet. Recently, she worked to help promote season five of The Walking Dead with a “human flesh burger”. Teaming with Jim Thomlinson, founder of London Mess, described as “specialists in edible art banquet dining experiences”; she set out to create a burger that was as close as possible to human meat (in reference to The Walking Dead’s upcoming season).

Creeped out yet? The creation was reportedly a mix of pork, veal, chicken liver and bone marrow. Thomlinson supposedly used real accounts of cannibalism to come up with the recipe, which goes so far as to note that “the less seasoning you use, the more it tastes like human flesh!”

Nothing like fake cannibalism instead of the traditional Halloween goodies, am I right? In all seriousness though, if I have to go somewhere to get scared into the Halloween spirit, they better have red velvet cake and buttercream frosting to make up for my fright. And while I really wouldn’t mind a side trip to London (even if it was spooky), I will probably settle for a cup of homemade dirt and Young Frankenstein on my “telly”.

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