In Other News …


Converting Dying Office Buildings Into Schools  [Washington Post]  The last office I worked in full-time, a Virginia startup, had beanbag chairs, free cookies, and a nap room; you could just throw a preschool in there as-is.

 Tenants Detail Conditions In CoHi Rent-Controlled Building Where Rents Just Doubled  [Short Articles About Long Meetings]  Slumlord logic:  “hmm, this building has rat and bedbug infestations, and fuel leaks – I’ve got an idea, let’s raise the rents and convert the basement into more apartments!”

DC Will Have The Worst Flooding On The East Coast By 2045  [DCist]  Aha!!!  I told you!  All I’m saying is, if you’re looking at buying a place near the water, try to get something on the upper floors.  And definitely know the best stairwells to take up to the helipad.

Eight Outsider Art Gardens From Around The World  [Atlas Obscura]  Do you ever just sit back and think about the fact that some of the most beautiful art in the world was created by someone with OCD concentrating their compulsions onto a yard full of garbage?

You’ll Never Believe This House Used To Be A Garage  [Dezeen]  This converted Amsterdam home is legitimately incredible.  My dad actually turned the garage behind our house in Iowa into a “cottage,” with uncertain results.  If someone wrote a blogpost about it, the title would probably be “You’ll Never Believe How Nice This Garage Used To Be.”

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