In Other News …


Developer Sues CoHi Residents Over Right To Double Rent  [New Columbia Heights]  I feel like this is going to get smacked down faster than that sleazy bogus Chinatown TOPA thing.  These developers need to stop rewatching “American Psycho” and get a real job.

DC Residents Line Up To Get Utilities Turned Back On  [WJLA]  I’ve done this many times so I know that these people are doing it all wrong.  I mean come on, it’s 70 degrees out, is it really that urgent that you get your gas turned back on ASAP?  I’d always wait until around November 10 and stroll in all casual, cut right through the empty waiting room, and be out of there in 15 minutes with my four-figure check consisting of your tax money.  Of course, some years I’d miscalculate or put it off too long, and I’d end up huddling in triple sleeping bags for a week before the gas company got around to relighting my boiler.  But like they say, free heat is the warmest heat.  (Nobody says that.)

Stop Crapping, Literally And Figuratively, On The 15th Street Cycletrack  [Greater Greater Washington]  I like how this article just casually mentions that horses often crap in the bike lane too.  I’m praying my ex rides her bike through a fresh horse pie and flings a strip of manure up her back.  I would pay up to $1500 to make this happen.  Just tell me who to give the money to.

This National Mall Artwork Was Made To Be Seen From Space  [Citylab]  Aliens must be like “man, these people really have way too much spare time on their hands.”

Let It Pour:  Innovative Rainwater Collection Systems From Around The World  [Architzer]  I don’t know what it means that the cultural elite are into so many of the same things that my wacky prepper/survivalist father is into.   Is he a visionary ahead of his time, or has the rest of the world just gone insane?  I’ll bet you one lifetime subscription to “Soldier of Fortune” magazine that it’s the latter.


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