In Other News …


DC Streetcar Might Be Free For The First Year  [Washington City Paper]  This is how they get you hooked – the first one’s free, then they jack up the price.  At this point, even municipal transportation departments have learned the wisdom of the drug trade.

What’s Lurking In Your Countertop?  [New York Times]  Old, but gold.  (As the kids say.)  Considering that granite countertops are pretty much ubiquitous now among a certain demographic, and that a small percentage of granite countertops emit deadly radiation … well, you do the math.  (Preferably while wearing a lead apron.)

The Rapid Deterioration Of Detroit  As Seen Through Google Street View  [Dangerous Minds]  Sections of the city went from spotless picket-fences-and-yards to unspoiled wilderness in just four years;  looking at some of these pictures made me think about the ephemeral nature not just of life but of humanity itself.  So yeah, I thought about that for a couple minutes and then I got hungry so I went to 7-11 for a couple slices of 99-cent pizza.  See, it all evens out in the end, or something.

Inside DC’s First Shipping Container Apartments  [DCist]  You know how when you order something from Amazon and then your cat claims the empty box as its new clubhouse?  This is basically that, multiplied by a thousand.

Photographing The Transformation Of NYC’s Meatpacking District  [Citylab]  I included this one because the “old DC” nostalgia has already started, and while I’m as annoyed as the next person by dudes in salmon-colored shorts broin’ out in Shaw (why Shaw of all neighborhoods?!), let’s not get carried away.  “Old DC” was mostly food deserts, shootouts, and the occasional annoying dude in a Fugazi tshirt trying to tell why you shouldn’t be drinking that beer.




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