In Other News ….


Renderings For DC’s Next Wal-Mart, In Capitol Heights  [Curbed DC]  Hate it if you will, but it does come with over 300 units of affordable housing.  (Though to be fair, housing attached to a Wal-Mart is never going to be commanding very high rents.)

Peter May, DC’s Behind-the-Scenes Development Power Broker  [Washington City Paper]  Hmmm, I used to watch zoning board hearings (long story), and with May, it always seemed clear to me that he knew exactly which side of his bread was buttered.  I would’ve preferred to read a feature on Anthony Hood, but I feel like if you asked him if you could interview him, he’d laugh at you and then back his car over your foot.

From Malls to Micro-Units  [Urban Turf DC]  I’m always harping on malls as the first totally disposable, unrepurposeable buildings, but this article is making me look stupid.  Stop making me look stupid, article.

How To Bring China’s Ghost Towns Back To Life  [Arch Daily]  Wait, how did China go from “the new, better USA” to “subject of economic revitalization think pieces” in less than a decade?  This one’s worth a click just to see the creepy photos, and to learn some interesting trivia about just how different China is from the West.  (Land sales are illegal, there are no property taxes, etc.  What’s next, are you going to tell me they use a different alphabet?)

Life On Tristan Da Cunha, World’s Remotest Island  [Trove]  The only way to get there is a week-long boat ride from South Africa, since there’s no airport on the island.  Internet service is probably horribly slow or nonexistent (no internet procrastinating!), groceries have to be ordered months in advance (no impulse buying!), and there’s nothing to do there except knitting “love socks” (no word on what appendage these love socks go on).  Oh and it’s a tropical paradise.  I’m seriously considering taking my next vacation there.

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