Really, REALLY into Star Wars? Have We Got the House For You…

Star Wars was a sci-fi phenomenon that quickly became a household name. It has inspired Pez dispensers, lunchboxes, t-shirts, spin-off books, movies, Halloween costumes, video games and almost everything in between. Seriously, everything. Recently, I stumbled across a spotlight that has just now been put on a Star Wars inspired home. Now, while the homeowners may not regularly use the force, practice their light saber skills or sail through the galaxy…still a cool concept, it is. If you didn’t read that last sentence in Yoda’s voice, go back and try again.

Architecture design group, Moon Hoon, completed the Star Wars inspired house in 2013. Moon Hoon is known in the architectural world for completing projects that are unique, modern and often times a bit wacky. They have a variety of different concrete-based buildings, sculptural boxes and cartoonish structures already in their portfolio. But, like anybody who has seen Han Solo in his glory days…I will have to admit that this one takes the cake.

Moon Hoon’s firm is situated in South Korea, and so is the famed Star Wars house. Specifically, the home is located in Yongin-si, just outside of Seoul. The house was created for a modest family of four who were looking to move on from apartment life into their first “starter home” on a middle-of-the-road budget. When the family came into contact with the architecture firm, they decided to do a little brainstorming.

In their initial meetings, Moon Hoon discovered that the husband was an airline pilot who always wanted to be an astronaut and the wife was a former “ground crew” member. From there, inspiration took off, eventually leading the group to draw up Star Wars inspired plans (don’t you wish every meeting ended up like that?).

starwars7 starwars8 starwars9

The outside of the home is about as science fiction as modern real estate gets. The exterior mimics a space ship, with a bright red door drawing in lots of attention. The rest of the house is built on a unique tiered floor plan with a good amount of slotted windows that really capture the outer space vibe. According to the firm, the house is not inspired by any one specific Star Wars theme. However, the homes asymmetrical design is intended to give the home a feel reminiscent to the moisture farms of Tatooine.


In the firm’s final “pitch image” for the house, they went as far as to acknowledge the Star Wars theme with a cartoon image of Darth Vadar added, as well as some far away planet visible in the distance.

Although it looks a bit futuristic on the outside, the inside of the home is actually extremely functional. The house features three stories, adding up to a total of 1,410 square feet. Going hand-in-hand with the overarching theme, the house’s interior can be described as clean and minimalistic. On all levels, there are plain pine and birch woodwork for floors and white walls. In addition to a “clean slate”, the house lets a great deal of natural light in.

starwars2 starwars3 starwars4 starwars6 starwars1

The home is located in the middle of a rather quiet suburban area, achieving the family’s hopes of escaping the crowded and polluted restraints of the surrounding cities. At the request of the family, the dwelling leaves a small footprint and makes way for gardening and outdoor relaxation. The first two floors of the home showcase the home’s main living quarters, bathroom and kitchen. The third floor, however, is all play. As if a Star Wars theme wasn’t cool enough, the home’s third floor reveals a bookshelf doubling as a hidden door that opens to a play area complete with a slide and “control room” for all Jedis in–training.

The Star Wars inspiration behind the homes final look seems to have stemmed from a cross between a Sancrawler and the Death Star. However, no matter where the details came from, I’m not sure even George Lucas could argue the houses uncanny alignment with the Star Wars essence. Although windows going in each direction and an undeniable “cool factor” definitely help, the houses best feature seems to be the price tag. The home was built for around $200,000.

With such a reasonable price tag and run-of-the-mill location, it seems like an interesting project for Moon Hoon to have tackled. That being said, the force was definitely with them. The out-of-this-world design has been blowing up the internet in recent weeks, drawing conversation from architecture experts, design aficionados and of course a few Star Wars nerds.

While I won’t be leaving Earth to traverse the galaxy with Han and the gang anytime soon, it is my hope that somewhere in South Korea, a family is inside their seriously cool Star-Wars themed home making Chewbacca noises and speaking in Ewok language – and I am most certainly, on the Internet, living vicariously through them.

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