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Californians Are Fax-Spamming DC Councilmembers To Push For Concealed Carry [DCist]  To be fair, not all the fax-spammers are from California;  some are from Hawaii and Florida!  (Of course they’re from Florida.)  But none of them are actually from DC, where the actual law would apply.  Yeesh.  Also, fax-spamming is a thing?!  How annoying would it be to hear that earsplitting fax whine from across the house, trot excitedly down to your home office, turn on the lights, only to find a dot-matrix printout of an offer for generic Viagra?

Trying To Charge People For Public Parking In Dupont  [Reddit]  True story:  during one of my many stints on unemployment, I was looking for a job to make some cash off the books, so I answered a Craigslist ad for a parking attendant in Chinatown.  When I went in for the “interview” it was just one of these guys who was like, “stand on the corner here, and when people try to park, tell them it costs five bucks.”  I was like, “but wait, these are public spaces.  What if they refuse to pay?”  The guy said, “they’ll pay.”  “But what if they refuse?”  I asked.  The guy just looked at me for a long moment and then said, “are you a cop?”

Check Out This Designer’s Great Falls Renovated Home  [Curbed DC]  I dunno, the designer claims that the house used to be “suffocating in mediocrity,” but the new version isn’t really doing much for me either.  The living room looks like somewhere Trent Reznor would sip from a goblet of non-alcoholic absinthe while talking about his latest juice cleanse.

Some Issues That Can Make Renting Tricky (But Not Impossible)  [Washington Post]  People always say it’s so hard to get an apartment, but the last place I rented, the landlord did a credit check on me and was like, “your credit could literally – LITERALLY – not be worse.  Literally.”  The guy was a semi-famous journalist too, so he knew the proper use of the term “literally.”  I still got the apartment though.  (Pro tip:  likability + Photoshopped tax forms = getting the apartment.)

Anacostia Art Project Will Stay Put, After City Reverses Decision  [Washington City Paper]   Marion Barry thinks this art installation made of trash collected by the artist looks like a bunch of trash.  It’s like a Moebius strip of confused municipal outrage.

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