In Other News …

Funny Insults Done By People

New York’s Once And Future Mansions  [New York Times]  Former Gilded Age mansions that later became schools or embassies are now being bought by the super-wealthy and turned back into mansions.  In other news, there was almost a riot in front of my house when I posted a “curb alert” in the “Free” section of Craigslist for a $15 IKEA bookshelf.

Fascinating Infographic Explains The Appeal Of Tiny Houses  [KCET]  One of the more fascinating tidbits is how/why ceiling heights in the average home have dramatically increased since the 1980s.  I mean, you literally do nothing with that extra space!

The Most Expensive Home To Hit The Market In Petworth (So Far)  [Urban Turf DC]  Whoa, a newly-renovated five bedroom for barely more than a million – no wonder Petworth’s stock is rising faster than [name of cutting-edge tech startup I won’t hear about until it’s six months too late to invest in it]’s.

Buying A Home Is Easier If You Come From A Rich, Generous Family  [Washington Post]  This is a real story!  Literally everything in life is easier if you come from a rich, generous family.

The Smallest House In The World Hits The Market  [The Real Deal]  Pros:  Exquisite design, in London.  Cons:  Single room, costs half a mil.  Verdict:  Depends On How Rich, Generous Your Family Is.



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