In Other News …


This Frenchman Pretended To Be An Architect For 30 Years  [Architzer]  The craziest part about this story isn’t that this guy successfully masqueraded as an architect for several decades, but that there was nothing wrong with his buildings!  Could architects be the “sandwich artists” of the design world?!

DC’s Largest Developer Secretly Puts Out A Vanity Newspaper!  [Washington City Paper]  In the real estate journalism world, finding this out was the equivalent of finding your significant other’s secret OKFetish profile.

DC Alleys, Once Dreaded, Now Chic  [Washington Post]  Living on a blind alley really can be like having a secret little paradise behind your house, and I’m not just saying that because of the ditched stolen dirtbike that someone dumped behind my house a couple years ago, that I fixed up and rode around for a summer.

What Happens When An Already Popular Spot Is Named Best New Restaurant In The Country  [Popville]  Looks like it’s about to be named “Longest Line I’m Not Going To Stand In Under Any Circumstances” by “Oh Hell No Magazine.”

How Should Streetcars And Bikes Interact On H Street NE?  [Greater Greater Washington]  I’m going to suggest some system of interaction that prioritizes the streetcars not running over my legs and/or torso.

Prices Catching Up With Demand In Trinidad  [Urban Turf DC]  Whew!  I love articles like this, because it means I can stop fretting about the latest investment opportunity I’m not taking advantage of.


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