In Other News …


America Is So Over Homeownership  [Salon]  I never understood what there was to get over in the first place.  I can’t even wear a nice pair of shoes without stressing out over every scuff;  owning an actual house worth six figures sounds, to me, like a panic attack that lasts twenty years.

A Forty Mile Walk Along DC’s Boundary  [Washington Post]  Kale vendors, lots of trash, lots of churches, and strangers asking where to buy weed:  this might be the first gimmicky “let’s travel the area on foot and gain some special insight into the area’s character” article that actually succeeded!

Sea Change:  Gentrification On The Waterfront  [Washingtonian]  Just when you thought you’d read every possible variation of the “prices go up, people have to move farther out” gentrification story, here’s one about people having to drive their houseboats farther down the river because  of the “The Wharf” megadevelopment.  Man, I wish I could just fire up my Shaw two-bedroom apartment and steer it over to Northeast.

What Google Searches Reveal About The Housing Market  [Urban Turf DC]  Searches for “mobile home” are going way up, and searches for “townhouse” are going way down.  There are two ways to interpret this:  the first interpretation involves a retreat from materialism, and a conscious embrace of minimalism.  The second interpretation involves a nationwide equivalent to that moment you looked in the mirror and realized that not only were you over the hill, you’d been over the hill for years and just desperately repressed this knowledge.

A View Of The Capitol And The Smithsonian From 1865  [Ghosts Of DC]  Those dirt roads and ramshackle picket fences look exactly like a present-day scene in my Iowa hometown;  I’m almost afraid to look closer, lest I see some dude I went to high school with, dressed in a sleeveless flannel and “GIT-R-DUN” baseball cap, getting a calf tattoo of Calvin urinating on an “Obama 2012” logo.

City Chooses Roadside Development To Build On Shaw Parcel  [Washington Business Journal]  The Georgetownization of Dupont/The Dupontization of Adams Morgan/The Adams Morganization of U Street/The U Streetization of Logan/The Loganization of Shaw Train rolls on …



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